Thursday, June 18, 2015

Donald Trump's Hair Piece Hesitant on Decision to Run


-New York
Moments after Mr. Trump finished his official announcement to run, Mr. Trump's business toupee was still coming around to the idea of seeking the Republican Nomination.
"Listen, of course this is an exciting time, but running for president takes an emotional and physical toll," Trump's hair responding to a comment. He continued "Honestly, I was hoping for a relaxing summer, maybe head up to the Hampton's with my fiancé Merkin."
Not new to the spotlight, Mr. Trump's official Toupee first teamed up with "The Donald" in early 2006. "Yes, he's had many before me, but none were testing well with the American Public. Our second week together we landed the cover of Variety for an Apprentice photoshoot. After that, we've been pretty inseparable, excluding showers of course."
Asked by a reporter about the upcoming SCOTUS ruling on gay marriage, the toupee had this to comment. "I've been out and proud since the 80's, and most toupee's are gay quite frankly. I think the only thing worse is hiding who you truly are, and misleading others by living a fake life."
Early Polling has the toupee with a slight lead over Former Senator Rick Santorum and just behind the Rick Perry's Glasses.

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