Thursday, July 2, 2015

Escaped Inmate Leaves Scathing Uber Review

-Dannemora, NY

Following the recent arrest of escaped inmate David Sweat, Booze Brain Productions has obtained a non exclusive review of an Uber ride that never showed.

0 Stars

Zero FUCKING stars.

Requested an Uber for pickup at a secluded location near 2:00 am.  A driver named Joyce confirmed ride, and then never showed.  Tried to request another driver, but by that point it was surging 4.2x. Since Joyce never showed, I had to spend nearly three weeks hiking around up state New York in the forest.  Spoiler alert, it was pretty fucking awful.  I got lost and ended up losing my travel companion, who I just found out was shot in the head.  Not planning on using Uber for the rest of my life.

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